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Organic Basic

Sustainably made bras, underwear, t-shirts and leggings! Get free shipping to the USA if you follow this link.

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Tech Products

Pela Case

Compostable phone case! I've been using these cases for several years and love how cute and protective they are. Follow this link *Affiliate link*


Terra Thread

I've had this backpack practically everyday for several years and love it! It's certified Fair Trade and Organic. Get 15% off by using code FITS15 at check out! 

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Sapana is committed to supporting talented artisans around the world to create stunning products. It's beautifully crafted and long lasting. Use code PURPOSE20 to get 20% off your purchase.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 11.55.46

Made By Fressko

Thermal reusable flask that comes with me everywhere. It keeps all liquids hot/cold for hours with no leakage. The most unique aspect of this is the removable tea strainer that comes with the flask. It has become the easiest way for me to get my daily tea. If ordering one, follow this link!

*Affiliates Link*

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