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  • Kristen Gilbride

2018’s Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions

Still searching for a New Year’s resolution??

After explaining Moral Women’s mission to the people I meet, I’m met with similar questions about what others can do to help the cause. This 2018 we can all start by doing our part in understand the effects that our purchases have. I’ve compiled a list of a few resolutions that you can use to help limit your impact on the environment and limit your support of unethical companies. Going cold-turkey from buying all clothing from fast fashion brands (ex. H&M, Forever21, Zara) or non-ethical companies isn’t realistic for everyone. Sale-temptation is real, and being surrounded by cute and cheap clothes but not being able to buy them is sad. Sooooo if you want to start 2018 making a difference and ease your way into ethical shopping, try these resolutions!

1.“This month I won’t buy any clothes” When I first started my ethical journey, I found it super hard to not buy clothes. Before I started, like most people, I got such a strange high from snagging a shirt for $10 even if I didn’t love it that much. After buying that way-too-cheap shirt, I, like many other shoppers, echoed the same mantra “Well, it was on sale.” And I found myself muttering the same mantra, but much sadder, when it came out of the dryer with holes in it, “Well, it was on sale”. If you get the end of the first month and realize how easy it was, challenge yourself to two months!

2.“I will only thrift this month”

There’s little downsides to thrifting; cheaper clothes, cooler clothes, and eco-friendlier clothes. Buying from thrift stores is usually the cheaper alternative if you want to do your part in preserving the environment. When you throw out clothes that are in good condition, they are not properly recycled. Our world has landfills full of clothes that many never disintegrate (ie. polyester). The alternative is giving clothes a second life! Usually thrift stores have options that fast fashion brands could never imitate, such as quality, style, and long lasting. Lastly, a lot of thrift stores give back to their communities, so you can kill two birds with one stone and shop while giving back!

Don’t forget to check your local newspapers, and town websites to see if there are any garage sales or estate sales in your area. I’ve found some of my favorite used pieces at estate sales! Click here for my favorite estate sale website!

3.“Wearing all the clothing that you already have in your closet”

Today the average American throws away 80 pounds of unwanted clothes a year, collectively that’s 14 million tons. As a society we are buying clothes at alarming rates. A possible resolution can be to try wearing everything that’s in your closet before buying anything. It’s amazing how much time and money you will save by not buying new clothes. When I started boycotting non-ethical brands I realized just how much money I was saving. Buying a $10 shirt here and a $15 sweater there starts to add up. I would get up to the register and realizes that I was about to get 10 shirts that I already had and more importantly I was about to give a money-hungry company my $50 to exploit EVERYONE in the supply chain, besides corporate, just so I could waste money on things I already had and will only wear a few times.

4.“I will buy one (or hopefully more) clothes or accessories from an ethical company”

There are so many up and coming ethical companies that you can look into. Some of the companies are so small that you can talk directly with the owner and get a custom made look. Making small, or big, purchases give these companies the funds to continue their projects. These clothes have stories, they have character, and they have quality. Making the choice to buy from an ethical company is so much more than just a money transaction, it’s a chance to made a difference in the fashion industry.

If you’re having trouble finding ethical companies check out Moral Women Instagram from options!

5.“I will learn how to sew clothes”

Fast fashion companies make clothes that will break so you’ll go back and buy more clothes. If you want to combat their demoralizing, but extremely effective advertising, start to sew the clothes that have holes in them. YouTube has hundreds of videos teaching you how to sew buttons, patch up clothes, hem pants, or completely transform your clothes! This makes your clothes last longer!

6.“I will swap clothes with friends”

Swapping clothes with your friends is a cheaper and less committed version of thrifting or giving your clothes to a thrift store. You can get a lot of new clothes and give someone close to you clothes that you were to throwing away.

If you want to start 2018 with some fashionable resolutions try these! If you want to make 2018 all about doing your part in making the world a better place, start with what you wear! It’s easy to turn a blind eye to the injustices of the fashion industry. But by altering your shopping habits, educating yourself and people around you, and making conscious choices in what you buy can help make a difference. 

When it comes down to it we all have the power to produce change. If we all make an effort to: 1.) Educate those around us 2.) Make a conscious effort to limit our consumption of fast fashion clothes 3.) Think critically about the fashion industries effects on the world 4.) Encourage and empower companies who are making an effort to change the fashion industry.

SERIOUS change can happen. Make 2018 about generating change, starting with the shirt on your back!


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