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  • Kristen Gilbride

2019 Sustainable Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This time of the year is difficult for those trying to lessen their waste. You want to show the people you love that you love them, but sometimes it's hard when you don't have the money to give everyone a sustainable gift. But alas! I have a few gift ideas for those who want to share the love through sustainable goodies and not break the bank!


I first found Pact when I was looking for underwear. I saw that they were sold in my local Whole Foods and I tried them out. It was love at first feel! So soft, so organic, so Fair Trade, so well made, so cute! I recently was gifted this beautiful crewneck sweater and just like the underwear, it's so soft, so organic, so Fair Trade, so well made, and so cute. A great affordable gift for anyone who likes being cozy during the cold season!

Use discount code FITS20 for 20% off your purchase!


I was looking for a reusable bottle after my last bottle was tragically lost! So when I was looking around for something I wanted I looked for three things: longevity (I want to keep her for years), functionality (I love a good thermal baby), and chic! This Fressko Color Collection bottle has a built in tea infuser. Which has been a game changer if you've ever tried to clean out loose tea leaves that have sunk to the bottom of a narrow cup! The perfect gift for that person who loves tea and loves lessening their waste! Follow this link if you've fallen in love with Fressko too!

Ethical Bean

Does anyone have that coffee addict in their lives...or does that addict look back at you in the mirror? I drink coffee everyday when I wake up in the morning, so it's always important for me to look for coffee that is Fair Trade, organic, and actually tastes good. As I researched brands I looked hard for ones that were certified and I stumbled upon Ethical Bean~USDA certified, Fair Trade certified, and CFIA organic certified (for our Canadian friends)~. If you're heading into the holiday season with zero-waste in mind, Ethical Bean has a bag recycling program where if you send back 12 empty coffee bags, you get one bag for free and they send those bags to a special recycling facility that regenerates those bags into other products! Another thing I love about this coffee is it's available on Amazon. *Prime Members Rejoice!*

Eco Friendly Cards

One of my favorite parts of gift giving is cards! I love writing cards and reading cards! But I don't love wasting cards. Instead of using traditional cards that aren't compostable or recyclable, I opt for Eco Friendly Cards. Eco Friendly Cards' are infused with flower seeds and can be planted to sprout flowers. How cool?? Aside from them being zero waste, they're also so cute! Take a look at Eco Friendly Cards here!


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