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  • Kristen Gilbride

3 Fair Brands to Look at This Fashion Revolution Week

In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh killing 1,134 people. This wasn't the first fatal garment factory disaster and it certainly wasn't the last, but it was the biggest. After this horrific event, a small group of people started to take notice of the unjust treatment of garment workers. And that small group turned into a humbling, large community of sustainable fashionistas that are working towards changing the system. Supporting companies that support their workers and respect our environment are integral to making safer working conditions the norm! Clearly stating what we want from current retailers is equally as necessary! Let's show some love to companies that give opportunities for sustainable work, safe work environments, humane treatment, and fair wages!

Liz Alig makes timeless pieces that are made by women who receive fair wages, sustainable employment, paid vacation, and child care. A lot of the materials are recycled fabrics and if they aren't recycled, they're sustainably sourced. This Lolie Jumpsuit is made from 100% organic cotton and handwoven in India by a family owned business. So not only does this check off all the sustainable criteria, it's also a perfect summer outfit because it's cool, comfortable and cute!

For 25% off use code: PURPOSEFULFITS

sustainable fashion, sustainable jumpsuit, fair trade fashion, eco friendly fashion
Liz Alig's Lolie Jumpsuit! 100% organic cotton, 100% Fair Trade!

Sapana Dreams employs talented artisans in India, Nepal, and Cambodia to create durable and fashionable bags and clutches. These bags are made by artisans who are paid a fair wage and made in safe working environments. These bags are durable and that's an important factor for me in considering if something is sustainable or not. This Dhurrie Clutch takes 8-10 days to make and you can feel the quality and thickness of the fabric. It holds its shape and is definitely a 30 wears piece!

For 20% off use discount code PURPOSE20

sustainable fashion, fair trade bag, fair trade clutch
Sapana Dream's Dhurrie Clutch

Dressaraz has become a new favorite of mine! They fairly employ Mexican men and women to create stunning handcrafted shirts and dresses. Their mission is simple - creating opportunities for artisans in Mexico. This one of a kind Puebla Dress is lightweight, flattering, and needless-to-say - beautiful.

For 15% off use discount code FASHREV15

fair trade dress, mexican made dress, handmade dress, handmade dress
Dressaraz's Puebla Dress


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