• Kristen Gilbride

A Lap Around the Sun with my Backpack

Today I started my first year of my masters program! “But wait Kristen, isn’t this your 5th year of college?” “Ya don’t remind me” So I’m doing a dual bachelors and masters program all in one! I’m taking my first round of graduate classes and last few undergrad classes. And you best believe I’ll be using my Terra Thread backpack!

Shirt from Recycle to Riches, sneakers from Veja, Pants and Jacket thrifted from Udelco

Last year I got a Fair Trade and Organic backpack right before I left for my study abroad trip to China. Before that, I had a really old Jansport backpack that had lasted me a few years. But I wanted to make sure that I had something that would be able to put up with all my study abroad needs aka books, laptop, water, snacks, clothes, and toilet paper (they don’t supply it in Chinese bathrooms).

A lot of times ethically made products are thought to be poor quality. Not really durable and won’t last for long. I pretty much believed that ethically-made things wouldn’t last. Don’t blame me, I was new to the ethical game! But I decided to try it and take a chance. Best chance I ever took! This backpack has lasted me for so long. It’s been my daily backpack for classes, and my only travel backpack.

I’ve teamed up with Terra Thread again and they’ve been so kind to give me a 20% discount code! So you can use this code and join my happiness of getting the only and most sustainable backpack I’ve ever had!

Use FITS15 to get 15% off your whole order from Terra Thread (they have more items than just backpacks)!

Photographer Rowan Eo! Find more of her pictures on Instagram and Facebook


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