• Kristen Gilbride

Cork=My New Sustainable Obsession

To me, fashion + durability is a very sustainable combo. I’ve been looking more and more into various fabrics/materials that will last their 20+ years and also biodegrade when their time comes. I’ve been seeing a few cork fashion products and was excited to learn the sustainable aspects of the material. It’s durable, compostable, textured and really fashionable. I was excited when EcoSplendy reached out to me to tell me about their cork products and their sustainable aspects, such as fair wages, and eco-friendly materials (aka cork).

What Makes Them Special Cork– Before I got this bag the only cork I ever interacted with was corks from wine bottles. When I saw a few clothing/shoe companies using cork I became curious as to what it would feel like. I couldn’t imagine cork feeling like anything beyond a bottle cork. But cork ~in bag form~ is anything but that! It’s light weight, airy, and flexible. It even feels a bit like suede!

Fashionable- One of the most sustainable things someone can do is to buy something that they love and will wear over and over again. Fashion is for the consumer to love, and sustainable fashion isn’t exempt from that fact. Sustainable fashion sometimes gets a bad reputation for producing items that aren’t ~fashionable~. But it’s amazing to see companies like EcoSplendy producing pieces that you’ll actually want to wear! They’re using cork like you’ve never seen before! If you’re looking for more masculine looking cork products they even have options for men’s wallets and messenger bags (which is a rarity in the sustainable fashion world!!

Affordable– Even people on a budget and looking for a new bag can afford EcoSplendy. This Bronze Crossbody bag is under $25 (USD)! These prices can actually competing with general retail prices without the sweatshops or negative environmental impact. All their cork products are handmade in Portugal.

What I’m wearing I’m wearing the Bronze Crossbody bag. I picked this bag because it can easily match with your outfit, it’s a neutral cork color but has a layer of shine under the little cutouts. I always pick pieces that I can match with my clothes (less buying+buying quality=conscious consumerism)! It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture above, but I’m wearing a beige turtleneck, a secondhand dark green button up, black jeans and boots, and of course EcoSplendy’s bag! This bag is lightweight which makes it a really practical choice!

Find more of EcoSplendy’s cork products on their website, Facebook, and Instagram!


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