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Glow and See is Lighting Up Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Who is Glow and See?

Glow and See is an up and coming sustainable activewear company. Founder Comet Chukura realized there was a lack of functional ethical activewear. Glow and See has created ethically made light reflective hats, scarfs, and of course, fingerless gloves. The light reflective fiberglass-fused yarn catches car headlights and street lights so you can be seen and safe! Glow and See products are made by women from a drop-in center in East London to give them an opportunity to develop skills and gain an income.

fair trade fingerless gloves

Why I love them Made to last: The first step in shopping ethically is shopping smart. Buying items that are made to last for years is the first step to a sustainable wardrobe. All Glow and See’s items are made with quality and made to last for years. These gloves were not only designed to be last lasting but also to be multifunctional. Made to wear at work, when working out, or just walking at night, these gloves are made to take on the world.

Women Empowerment: Glow and See products are made by women with disadvantaged backgrounds. Hand crafting these items gives these women respectable jobs, living wages, and new skills. Glow and See is also determined to break down stereotypes surrounding women in poverty and empower these women through developing skills and giving them dignified work! Which is so important!

Affordable: Once I entered the ethical fashion world I started to realize that sustainability ain’t cheap (but that’s the point)! However, Glove and See has given very affordable options for active wear that is fair-trade and also safety proof. 

sustainable fashion influencer, fingerless gloves, fair trade

What I’m wearing Fingerless GlovesWhen I first received the gloves I realized this was the first time I ever wore fingerless gloves. In all honesty, I always questioned why people wore fingerless gloves. How do they even keep you warm? But after wearing them outside and inside I can’t tear myself away from them. They actually do keep me warm! In my drafty room, I can type and write with them on and stay nice and warm (I’m wearing them as I type this!). One thing that I always get a annoyed with when using gloves (with fingers) is how I can’t text or take money out of my wallet. Yes I know, first world problems. But the functionality of these gloves is unexpectedly amazing! 

sustainable fashion

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