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  • Kristen Gilbride

Health Recap and Goalz

These last few months have been trying to say the least. Right after I came back from a study abroad in Shanghai, I was hit was a test result reading mono positive. Which was a downer. Before going into each semester I make a list of goals I want to complete by the end of the semester. To say the least, none of my goals were completed. Not only did I feel exhausted everyday, I was also suffering from some pretty gnarly brain fog. But that time gave me the rest I so desperately needed.

I love to be out and about all the time. It’s hard for me to sit still and just ~chill~. But mono forced me to CHILL. I couldn’t leave my bed, or go to events, or hang out with friends, or cook meals, or do my homework properly (sorry to any professor that had to grade any of my work, it was all pure nonsense). I realized so much about myself by not being myself. I learned what I need in my life to feel balanced. And part of that balance is actually getting out of bed!

So here are some very public goals I will be making for this up coming semester!

LISTENING TO YOUR BODY IS EVERYTHING. This is one lesson I started to learn last summer. When I was in Beijing I suffered from an extremely painful and aggressive tonsil infection (Yuck!). But it got so bad because I wasn’t listening to my achy tired body. I would wake up in a daze, go to Chinese class trying not to fall asleep, go site-seeing, and even attend a weekend trip to Inner Mongolia that ended with the return of my infection and me crying on a six-hour bus ride back to Beijing. Why didn’t I listen to my body begging me to lay in bed? Not sure, but I definitely paid the price…or my college insurance did. But now I’m all ears! No more pushing myself when my body is begging me not to!

LEMME BECOME MORE WELL ROUNDED. Having brain fog makes it hard to do just about anything. I would try to read books and would immediately fall asleep, or I’d read the same page 10 times and not retain anything. I’d even send texts that were somewhat illiterate. I’d try to get caught up on news from ~reputable~ news sources, but didn’t have the attention span or energy to understand what was going on. The only ~new site~ I could grasp was Daily Mail and that’s saying A LOT about my mental state at that time. So heres to reading books, and anything but the Daily Mail!

DID MONO TEACH ME HOW TO CHILL? Yes. Mono taught me that I need to rest to become better. I need time to recuperate and  get my thoughts and feelings all sorted before jumping into the next thing. Thank you mono, but I still hate you.

GOODBYE BRAIN FOG, HELLO MORAL WOMEN! Now that I have mental space to read articles and find more companies that are ethical as hell, I want to showcase all of those companies! I want sustainable fashion to be everywhere! I want to take of the fashion world and make it all sustainable! MUHAHAHA! **Kristen, remember that mono made you ~chill~** Okay, but I’m actually so excited to put out awesome new blog posts and pictures!

Here are a few of em’! I’m counting on you to hold me to them all.

Photography by Rowan EO! Find her on Facebook or Instagram!


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