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  • Kristen Gilbride

If you wish to Unsubscribe…click here

I recently went to a sustainability event in New York where I met several companies that were putting their best foot forward in being more sustainable in their industry. I was there helping out at my internship, Minan Wong, and saw other amazing companies like Who Gives A CrapStojoThe Regeneration Magazine, along with a few others (and I recommend you check them out when you have the chance). While there I saw a table called Unsubscribe, and after briefly talking with them, I reached out after the event to learn more about the company.

I got in touch with Querencia Studio, the brand behind the Unsubscribe campaign to learn more about their efforts for sustainability! I met with lead designer Kate Walz and she gave me so much insight into what drove her towards a sustainable outlook, Querencia Studio’s sustainable values, and the inspiration behind the Unsubscribe looks!

Kate Walz has such a long list of accomplishments for still being a student in Parsons School of Design! She’s had her designers walk the runway more than 50 times, and is now the lead designer for Querencia Studio. Although she mainly focused on evening wear, she has now turned her focus to ready-to-wear pieces that are sustainably made! She likes to use discarded scraps and secondhand goods and transform them into beautiful pieces. Can you find a cooler girl???

Querencia Studio valued sustainability from the get-go. Their focus on organic materials, upcycling, and Fair Trade practices, made Kate become really interested in joining forces. Querencia Studio wants to create pieces that are wearable and are first and foremost considered stylish.

When I saw the Unsubscribe shirt I loved the simplicity of it and the message it shares. ‘Unsubscribe’ means unsubscribing from fast fashion and all the nastiness associated with the fashion industry. After talking with Kate, she told me that the shirt was suppose to look like a band T-shirt. The band name on the front and what appears to be tour dates on the back. But these “tour dates” are actually facts about the fashion industry! So yes, everyone reading the back of my shirt on the bus will become a Moral Woman, right?? The shirt itself is also sustainable in that it’s made with organic cotton. Grown in India, assembled in Long Island!

I love finding people who are dedicated to changing the industry in many capacities. The industry is so large and it’s easy to overlook areas that seem so unrelated to fashion but actually impact on the industry a lot, like capitalism. Kate talked about how fashion can be so exclusive in ways such as who can afford clothes, who is affected by climate change, etc., She and Querencia Studio are very aware of these seemingly overlooked forces, and is actively working on change. Understanding and combating these types of factors that exist within the fashion industry is the first step in generating change.

If you want to join the movement in Unsubscribing to the fast fashion industry use code “MORAL” to get 15% off your purchase at Querencia Studio!


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