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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Hathorway Earrings//Photography: Rowen Eo

(Ear)Ringing in the Holiday Season! A few months ago I saw that geometric shaped earrings were IN! Since starting my ethical journey, I was always suspicious of things that I immediately loved. I didn’t just want to feed into a ~trend~. But this isn’t that kind of story! Hathorway isn’t a trend, Hathorway is a jewelry company that uses Vietnamese buffalo horns that are a byproduct of the food industry. Natural materials (real horns)! Eco-friendly (no dyes)! Fair-trade (Owner makes them herself)! Beautiful (just look at these babies)! Use discount code “MoralWomen” for 20% off your entire order! Or to make it easier follow this link MORALWOMEN  to get it automatically deducted from Hathorway’s site! Expires: December 31, 2018 11:59pm PST

Terra Thread Backpack//Photography: Rowen Eo

Packing Up this Year Let’s hope you’re not sick of all my Terra Thread posts yet, or maybe you can’t get enough of them! But I’m back telling everyone about my fav backpack! I’ve had it for over a year now and I’ve used it practically every single day since I’ve gotten it. I used it while traveling, and I use it everyday for school. I’ve yet to have any issue with this organic, fair-trade backpack! Get your wanderlust friend, or studious pal a Terra Thread product for 15% off! Use the code “FITS15“.

Kapad Dress

Transparent supply chain>>>>H&M gift card as a gift  Kapad is full of elegance with a feeling of the strength in every piece. With striking silhouettes and vivid pastels, pieces like these are hard to find. They’re made in India with organic materials, and fair trade practices. They are continuously trying to make their supply chain more and more transparent, which is something I value the most in a company. Kapad is already giving 30% off their entire website, but if you use the discount code “MORALWOMEN10″ you can get an additional 10% off…so do the math, that’s 40% off aka a steal! Follow the link here!

Basal Bralette

Basally everyone needs a bralette/undies  Let’s be real, underwear/bras are one of the most necessary articles of clothing we wear! And buying useful gifts for friends and family is an amazing way to gift give sustainably! Basal has some seriously cute and comfortable items ranging from undies, bralettes, and bodysuits that are ALL organic cotton, non-toxic dye, and locally made in Basal’s home of Los Angeles! When you head over to Basal to find your sustainable intimates use code “MORAL15″ for 15% off your entire purchase!

Buddha Bowls

Fuel your loved ones fruit bowl addiction Within the last 2 years or so I’ve seen so many fruit bowl places popping up around me! And to say the least, I’ve been thriving because of it! Buddha Bowls make incredibly cool bowls made out of actual coconut shells with no toxins or plastic, just the coconut shell! This is perfect to get for anyone in your life because not only are they actually useful and affordable, you can add a 15-letter engraving on the spoon which gives the gift a much more personal feel. Get these already affordable Buddha Bowls with 10% off by using the discount code “moralwomen“.

Unsubscribe Shirt

Unsubscribing from the naughty list Within the sustainable fashion world there is a real shortage of men/gender neutral clothing companies. But there are a few companies like Querencia Studio that have a lot of unisex clothes! Their Unsubscribe campaign is a chic streetwear line that also holds a lot of information! On the back of the tee there is a list of facts about the pollution of the fashion industry. Who knew a list of facts could be so fashionable?? The shirt is made of organic cotton and sewn in the USA. Use my discount “MORAL” to get 15% off your whole order here!

Sapana Clutch

(Sapana) Dreaming of a white Christmas Sapana Dream’s clutch is the perfect way to look, stylish, sophisticated, and chic all while being Fair Trade. Merry Christmas to me! This clutch is made by a small group of artisans in Nepal, where Sapana works hard to provide stable employment, safe working conditions, and culturally routed designs. This nice sized, durable, beautiful bag is just one of many Sapana Dreams has created! Get 10% off any of Sapana items by using the code “MORALWOMEN“!

Dressaraz Dress

Feliz Navidad Dressaraz has handcrafted dresses galore! I think by now most people know that my artist skills lack a lot, and so I’m so so amazed when I see clothes that are handmade with such skill. Each dress takes 15 days to make in Mexico. Dessaraz put the slow in slow fashion. When I wear the dress I feel so special to be wearing something that took so many days to make, and that my dress is one of a kind! To get a Dessarazhandmade, Fair Trade, shirt or dress for 30% off use the code “CHRISTMAS30EXPIRES: December 25, 2018


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