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  • Kristen Gilbride

Sustainable Skin Care for Dry Skin

For the last few month’s I’ve been trying to switch my skin care routine to a more sustainable one. And it’s honestly been hard finding products that are sustainably sources and that I actually like.

My face is super dry and when it’s dry I get huge red patches around my noes and flakes all over my face. I used to use a lot of creams and washes for “sensitive skin” but they never worked and left me feeling even drier than before.

I recently went to my local Farmers Market near my school and found Christopher Soaps! All of his soaps are made with all-natural ingredients, all-vegan ingredients, and if you’re in New Jersey it can be your way of shopping local. I purchased a Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub and used it on my face as an exfoliator. And now I’m addicted! It’s made with coconut oil so it exfoliates while it moisturizes, which is exactly what I was looking for!

After using the Body Scrub for awhile I also wanted to try out their body butter. It’s a cocoa butter-based lotion that smells so good I actually wanted to eat it (FYI, he told me you can’t). It’s super amazing for really dry skin, and I like my face to look ~dewy~ and it gives it that effect.

In my quest to find products to help dry-prone skin I came across Neal’s Yard Remedies and fell in love with their All Over Balm. It says you can use it anywhere on your skin and I started using it as a lip balm before I go to sleep. Neal’s Yard Remedies is a super sustainable in that they source ethically, have accreditations, cruelty free, organic, and actually works!


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