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  • Kristen Gilbride

Tooting my Hathorway Horn!

Who are they? Hathorway claims to be “just another ethical brand,” but I beg to differ. Hathorway encompasses so many aspects of sustainability: Fair-Trade, eco-friendly, organic, beautiful, functional, durable, and also philanthropic! Their dedication to being a sustainable brand without forgetting minimalist beauty separates them from the rest.

Why are they special? Food industry byproduct: Originally, I thought this was bad. Isn’t the whole point of sustainable fashion to protect people, animals, and the earth in the process? But I realized this is actually what the food industry needs: people using all parts of the animal! So many times animals are used for only one body part and the rest is wasted. Hathorway takes buffalos’ horns after they are used for food, limiting the overall waste! 

Minimalist: Minimalism has been such a buzzword over the last few years. I originally just thought it was a word to shame people out of buying things. But it’s far from that. It’s about buying smart so you don’t have to buy more in the long run. Hathorway is definitely minimalist in the sense that you can wear these earrings to a lot of different events. I’ve worn these to nice dinners, bars, on coffee runs, my internship and everywhere in-between. They are multi-functional.

Organic: Hathorway recognizes the natural beauty of horns and uses it to their advantage. The neutral tones of the horns are never tampered with by the use of dyes. You can actually see the natural specs of the horns in the earrings! These babies are au naturel! 

Find more amazing jewelry from Hathorway here!

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